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An Association member is entitled to one vote for each Unit owned. Generally speaking, Unit Owners are entitled to vote for the election of Directors, certain reserve funding issues, waiver of certain financial reporting requirements, and amendments to the Declaration, Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaw of the Association. Owners are entitled to vote in person, by limited proxy or by absentee ballot (with respect to elections).The election of Directors is conducted at the annual meeting through a balloting procedure.

Article XI of the Declaration contains provisions and restrictions regarding occupancy, residential use, transfers and mortgages. In addition, Article XIII and the Rules and Regulations contain restrictions against nuisances, improper or unlawful use, use of common areas and prohibition against pets. All prospective buyers are urged to review the Condominium Documents carefully. The Association does not enforce any age restrictions and is not an age restricted community.

Pursuant to Article XI of the Declaration, the Owner must deliver to the Board of Directors of the Association a written notice of the intent to lease the unit and the tenant must be approved by the Board of Directors. The application and other proper documentation must be filed along with payment of an application fee. Leasing is prohibited within the first year of Ownership.

Assessments of the Association shall be paid by each member in accordance with the annual budget. Assessments are paid quarterly. The attached document reflects the current quarterly assessment by unit type. Special assessments may be levied by the Board of Directors from time to time and are payable as instructed by the Association.